About Us

Our Story

UniDale was founded in the early 1960s. Located near the corner of University and Dale St in St. Paul MN, the name "UniDale" was born. UniDale was originally known as a “General Agent,” meaning they sold all lines of insurance including life, health and dental.

Ken McIntosh purchased UniDale in the early 80s and, in the 30 years that followed, he transitioned the agency away from being a generalist to a specialist. From writing all lines to writing only insurance for businesses. He found a niche in writing hard-to-place risks and/or writing the types of insurance that few agents knew how to write. Ken was the president of UniDale until his death in 2021. He was 82 years old.

After his passing, his daughter Kristin Waldoch took up the reins. Kristin has brought the agency into a modern era but has not forgotten the history that makes up the bones of the agency. In 2023, UniDale joined Scali Insurance Group. The purpose of partnering with Scali is to be able to expand with the help and support of a network of partners across the nation all while maintaining our culture and individuality. UniDale’s goal is simple: de-mystify the insurance process to make it easier for business owners to protect their livelihoods.